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  • 2019-10-29
    I was so impressed with the quality of this corset esp. for the price. The fabric was really nice and everything on it from buttons to chain clasps were functional, this way this is made it could definitely be very customizable too. Absolutely love it, highly recommended!
  • 2019-09-12
    Fabulous! Quality of product far exceeds expectations and fit perfectly. Note: I used it on a dress form as a decoration, but that didn't change the need to measure. It serves as a decoration for me - so I can't speak to comfort.
    The quality of this far exceeded my expectation. What a beautiful garment I chose to use as a decoration, but, that put it right over the top!
  • 2019-08-23
    I’m 5’3 212 lbs, so I ordered a large. Came a day earlier then expected. I wore it for a few hours today and it was really comfortable, although it left a few marks. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it longer then 10 hrs as it could bruise your stomach like a bra can.
    Totally recommend though. Worth the price.